..the tour continues: Millenium Park & Pizano’s Pizza.

Rain or shine, us Vancouverites push through and nothing is more true than in this case.  We continued to sight-see in the pouring rain!  It wasn’t that bad though, as long you had the proper attire for the weather.

I was thankful that even though my Zara boots weren’t rain boots, they were quite new and so I knew they could stand some rain.  It certainly did get tested!

crown fountain

The advantages of being used to the rain is that we didn’t really see many people out that day, at least not at the fountain so it wasn’t too bad to take pics.  I guess many others shy away from touring when the weather isn’t quite the best.  In Vancouver you learn to press on even when the weather isn’t as great because 9 months of the year, this is the weather we face! lol.

underneath ‘the bean’ at millenium park

We took a break from the touring around and decided to try heading out for pizzas or hotdogs –either of which could arguably be what Chicago is famous for, food-wise.  The famous Chicago deep dish won the coin toss so to speak.  We headed off to Pizano’s Pizza!

The server was no less than entertaining! I have to say that I may just not be used to the deep dishes but I had fun nonetheless and I would go back there again just for the service and the server ‘Uncle Chachi!’.

After wandering the city abit more and a few more pics, we decided to head back to the hotel and rest up.  It was a good day of blitz touring around the city!

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