Day 3: next up, Willis Tower!

View from the skydeck at 103rd floor of Willis Tower.

Willis tower –wow.  First I’d like to mention that I am afraid of heights, so this was a big thing even without going onto the glass lookout deck.  It was one of those experiences that I would have regretted had I not even tried…

What would possess someone who is afraid of heights to even try this?

I wanted to try this.  This was in my mind, the highlight of my trip.  I knew that I’d be scared when I first checking it out online.  If there was ever an experience that I knew I’d want to not miss out on, this was it.  Chicago has been known to be the birthplace of architecture, and it is only fitting that one of the sights we visit is a 103 floor tower with a floor to ceiling deck that you can look out into the city on.

360 degree view of the city, unparalleled and even on a foggy day the city reveals itself and it’s beauty.  I heard that sunset was the best time, and maybe next time we can plan our sight-seeing around it, for now daytime will do!

People ask me ‘why visit Chicago? What’s there?

It’s what every city has, big or small–Adventure!


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