Day 3: China town for dimsum!

Sunday was our last full day to roam and so we used it to go sight-seeing.  It sucks that it was raining that day but we still made the most of it!

Early on while the bf was getting his beauty sleep, my cousin and I decided to roam around Michigan Avenue again, looking for the elusive French Connection and BCBG.  Little did I know (next time must do more research!) that French Connection closed and that BCBG was not as close to Millenium park as i thought! Big disappointment, but oh well! we still got to roam and check out the pricier mall connecting bloomies to pricier stores.

We were also able to check out and take a quick picture of the John Hancock Tower even for a few minutes, although didn’t get to check out the observatory which we were saving for Willis Tower.

Their architecture certainly is something to behold.  I love that it holds such artistry–something I believe downtown areas could use.  This lovely church stands right next to Bloomingdales but neither structure stands out more than the other.

So when we finally met up with the bf, we took a cab to Chinatown for dim sum!

dim sum at Ming Hin Restaurant

We didn’t really explore much after that, but the food was pretty good.

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