Day 1: Exploring Michigan Avenue

Our first full day consisted of walking up and down Michigan Avenue for the day (which actually did take the whole day) and then Navy Pier (next post).

I started off with my green utility jacket, infinity scarf and zara boots to ensure that I was warm while on the jaunt, but soon after started to feel warm.  It’s hard to gauge how you’ll feel when the weather keeps changing from sunny to windy and cloudy.

Once it deceivingly started to look sunny, we decided to quickly walk back to the hotel and drop off our jackets.  I decided to change into something less bulky too.

what I wore:

Top: Marciano | Jeans: American Eagle | Flats: Tory Burch

I figured it would be good for the walk, it won’t make me feel so sweaty and warm.  Then i quickly realized after lunch why the city is aptly called ‘windy city’ lol.  Let’s just say the day ended in my buying a blazer that I really wanted in Zara but hesitated the first time around.  It was a good buy though, cheaper than back home, and something I know for sure I use for work or heading out anyways.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what these structures are, except to say that these were abit of a structural wonder for me, something different to marvel at which we don’t have back home.

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