Arriving in Chicago: quiet dinner & lounging first night!

The first night was somewhat quiet one for all of us, it was tiring waking up early then sitting for four hours on a plane and losing two hours in the time difference…We had dinner at TGIFridays which, i know, why there? but it was close enough and we were hungry and just needed to refuel.  It wasn’t too bad if you’re wanting to just chill and eat–it was our first taste of the windy city!

Hyatt Magnificent Mile, Chicago

Our room was pretty nice! It was slightly on the cold side but pretty nice.  The view was more buildings and the sirens can be heard from the 12th floor where we were but I don’t think it’s too much of a big deal.

our view

After dinner we decided to head down to Walgreens since I forgot to pack a makeup sponge to use with my BB cream.  I know, what? i forgot something?? It was actually already packed in my zippy bag but then when i was putting on makeup in the morning, i took it out for a second to reach for something beneath it in the bag and just forgot to put it back lol.  It was a $2.99 plus tax purchase so I didn’t feel so bad about having to buy there.  We also went ahead and picked up some wine and snacks since we were staying in anyways.

It was still an early night and we hadn’t planned much so we ended up going to the hotel bar and lounge for some drinks.  It was pretty quiet there and last call was not soon after, but we still got a few drinks in to unwind.

The bf still dressed up although slightly more casual as we were just going downstairs.  He was trying to fix the data issue we were having on the first night while waiting for my cousin.

What I wore:

Blazer: Zara | Top: Forever 21 | Leather leggings: H&M | Shoes: BEBE | Bag: Forever 21

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