Fridate: fit and flare dress

It’s friday night and it’s date night! tonight we decided to go to one of our favourite sushi joints, Aki! i love the authenticity and the great service we get every visit!

Dress: Banana Republic | Trench: BEBE | Shoes: BEBE | Bag: Forever 21

It’s nice to come back to a familiar place to spend a quiet night out.  I can always count on the food being good and can thereby concentrate on the good company!

My bf actually dressed up tonight which was refreshing from his normal work attire of company golf shirts and hoodies with Jeans.  It’s nice to purposely get dressed up and head out for a few hours and have a date night!  It reminds you to put aside whatever little things that aren’t going well in your day and enjoy the present!

After dinner we went to True Confections for dessert! Another fave! All in all it was a good night.

My Makeup…message me if you would like to get the deets.

Happy Friday!

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