Shopping Haul: BR friends & family weekend

As recently posted, I went for a quick border run for the weekend to relax and unwind with the bf.  We were sort of celebrating out anniversary as well which was the weekend before.  I love going across the border for a mini-vacay when we can’t quite schedule a full one.  Even though really we have a vacation coming up in three weeks to Chicago, it was nice to get away for the weekend and enjoy.

On our recent weekend jaunt, we were lucky enough to have hit the same weekend that Banana Republic was having its (i guess twice a year?) Friends & Family sale which was usually a big deal to those that love shopping at the big retail store.

I realize that recently since my life shifted from clubbing and working part-time in my early 20s, my wardrobe has also shifted gears to more workwear less party frocks.  I still love the occasional party wear but since I spend 80 hours a week at work, it only made sense to keep work staples. What a good time to find work staples for fall!

To sum up, I bought two dresses, one sweater and two blazers at the retail store.  At the outlet, I bought two pairs of pants, three dress shirts and one sweater:

  • Blue Textured (tweed) Blazer
  • Houndstooth Blazer
  • Piped Open Cardi
  • Flared Drop-waist dress
  • Box-Pleat Ponte Dress

The 50% off the regular price at retail was such a big help to my shopping as it knocked down the prices by half! I love big hauls like these! I rarely get to shop like this so it’s fun when I’m able to!

Happy Tuesday!

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