Yaletown: still my fave for happy hour!

Yaletown –some call it snobbish and others their favorite watering hole after work.  i call it happy hour central 🙂 It’s still a hot spot for me when going for a drink with a girlfriend or date night with the bf.  It’s got so many restaurants that pop up all the time, all with their own gimmick and new mouth-watering food to try.

An old pic of me, about to head down to Romers burgers– known for notoriously delicious burgers with sizable portions.

If you drive down here, expect to pay–i mean from parking to the food to the drinks lol.  It’s where the beautiful people go–and they don’t care how much parking costs lol.  Can you say, Valet?

It’s like doing your laundry at the laundromat–be prepared for coins and lots of it! lol or you could just pay by phone.

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