Drive-by Rant: make-up stains on clothes

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I was at Ever New Retail store over the weekend browsing their latest fall pieces and as usual, I left without buying a single piece.  They really should fix their problem: make-up on clothes.  I find that more and more women are either just disrespectful or careless with trying on clothes these days and that really annoys me.

It is a BIG pet peeve to go shopping and find that the only one in your size for something you really covet, is a piece that has a very noticeable, and quite permanent make-up stain.  With the new formulas that cosmetic giants release nowadays ensuring that it will stay on longer and be more pigmented, I can’t help but notice a resurgence in makeup on clothing previously tried on.

Look I get it, you’re a woman that loves to lay it on thick with the foundation.  You may even put a bright red lipstick to show that you are a woman of confidence and you can wear bright colors, but when i see it on clothes that are back on the rack (eeegads!) it just plain looks bad and is disrespectful to others who may actually want to buy that piece.

Another weird thing I noticed–only Ever New has a big amount of their clothes with stains.

Even if you can excuse that your head is just plain bigger than the heck hole on the dress, why ruin a piece of clothing for the rest of the people?

Just sayin.

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