Friday Night: Brocade skirt and tweed

It had been a long week and finally, it’s friday.  We had been let off early but because the bf was working a later shift, I decided to hang around downtown and wander.

It was a late dinner for us, but it was one I needed so badly after a stress-filled week filling in for my boss and doing my own share of work while he was away on vacation.  I could finally let my hair down and relax!

So we both got home we got all decked out and went for a late dinner at where we usually knew we’d love the food–The Keg Yaletown.  Usually I’d opt for the rooftop patio but since it was late, we settled for the dining area.

I loved the brocade skirt that I wore, its sort of a fall transition, with the cropped tweed to complete the look.

My bf didn’t look to shabby either –rarely dressing up as it was not required for his line of work I find it refreshing that he can clean up real nice for a fridate with me!

It was a great night and I had fun.  It was a packed night at Brooklyn where we had drinks, our usual spot.  All in all, i had a lovely night!

What I wore:

Tweed Blazer: Guess Top: Forever 21 Skirt: Forever 21 Shoes: BEBE

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