Fall Wishlist: back to basics

Ever since I entered the work world and finished school (which I begrudgingly returned to just last semester lol) I’ve learned to associate fall with shopping–back to school that is! I love the sales that are usually geared towards those returning to school, yes, but allows the rest of us to take advantage of the savings nonetheless!

An important lesson I learned in shopping awhile back was that when you make a list of the things that you are coveting–i mean really wanting, you can focus more on those things and not on impulse buying.  It’s important to focus on something you really want so as not to distract yourself with impulse distractions that come along the way! (isn’t that a lesson in life as well!?)

So I wanted to share what I am coveting for this year’s fall/winter season.  It’s hard because there’s the pre-fall transition to fall fashion and then there’s just full on fall/winter.  I categorized it similarly to how i’d do it in Polyvore!

Clockwise L to R: CL Decolette | Wilfred Free Rousseau Sweater | Hunter Balmoral Boots | Gap Sexy boyfriend Jeans | TB Robinson tote | Banana Republic Houndstooth Blazer

Black Pumps:

It’s my firm opinion that while platforms and studs may go out of style or become inappropriate for one’s age (which is just a matter of opinion so please don’t get mad at me! lol) a pair of simple, black pumps will stay in the wardrobe rotation.  It’s one of those basic items that no matter what age you are, you’ll find essential at some point.

Cozy Sweaters:

The nights get colder and more unforgiving as indian summer turns into full fall season.  The summer cool breeze won’t last forever, and what better way to welcome the season by bundling up in nice cozy knits! I love big, comfy sweaters.  Great for lounging and for travel.

Rain Boots:

It’s not the trendiest of items to choose but it’s practical.  I love riding boots, and having a rain boot that resembles one seemed logical.  If you live in a city that rains as much as Vancouver does (bless this city, i still love it!) then you’ll find the importance of loving the rain boots you end up wearing everyday.

Boyfriend Jeans:

Ok, I’m finally on the bandwagon lol.  I used to find boyfriend jeans slightly on the baggy side and so I never wanted to own a pair.  Alas, some fashionistas have convinced me that just like alot of things I’ve been afraid to try, this one actually works when styled well! It’s more comfortable than the usual skinnies which I could use a break from!

The totes:

Ever since I saw the Prada Saffiano tote I’ve been itching to get my hands on it.  Unfortunately I am not able to justify purchasing a tote that costs as much as what I would prefer to put towards my retirement.  I read this great alternative from Tory Burch that is just as cute, also saffiano leather and at a quarter of the cost. sold!

Houndstooth Blazer:

I love blazers…I gravitate to them for casual and work wear.  I love them in prints, peplum and different textures.  Texture-wise, there are two that still exscape my grasp–the hacking jacket and the houndstooth.  I am crazy about black and white so houndstooth? self-explanatory.  It’s just gorge!

What are your fall basic must-haves?

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