Saturday Night: Crochet and Lace

I love summer nights out–it’s just a nice air to it.  The summer nights are just cool enough to not have to wear a jacket and everyone seems to be in good spirits.  As I used to call it, it has an air of mischief! For the bf’s birthday, we decided to hit up our fave hot spot for a bit of dancing and drinks–Brooklyn.

I love dancing the night away, it’s just so freeing and fun! I am both lucky and unlucky enough to not have a family at this time in my life.  Unlucky because at this stage in my life, I am somewhat running out of time (being in my early 30s and still without a child) but lucky enough to not have the type of responisibilities that limit me and the bf from hitting the night out if the mood strikes us with little notice.

Anyways, que sera sera I guess.

What I wore: Crochet Top: Sirens Underlay: Garage Shorts: Everly (i think) Shoes: BEBE Cuff: Forever 21I love the needlepoint detail on this crochet top, it’s just so intricate.  It does remind me of a doily somewhat though haha.  It just feels like such a summer kinda top.

Hope your saturday night was as fun!

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