Gastown in Nautical stripes

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope everyone had a good long weekend last week! Sadly, I have had to go without blogging the last week due to my overwhelming schedule and lack of time.  I have not done well in time management and have had to suffer the consequences of being a procrastinator.  I had a report due as well as my supervisor being away resulting in non-stop work and late nights..

What I’m wearing: blazer: Gap | Tee: Gap | Jeans: American Eagle | sneaks: payless

This was from gastown, one of the only few quiet moments I had–bf and I had lunch at Meat and Bread then grabbed a cup of coffee at starbucks.  I thought that since we were there, I’d do the tourist thing and take a pic in front of this historic clock that all tourists seem to flock around all the time lol…it was by chance that it was free for the few seconds it took for this pic!

Hopefully time will free up for me in the near future so that I can blog once again 🙂

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