Summer Trend: Gladiator Sandals

cage match.
Gladiator sandals…
It’s a trend that I have been in love with since I got my first pair a few years back!
When I’m out and about I always get looks and compliments because they’re just so unique it works with an outfit dressed up or down in my opinion.
I love my sandals, they’re so versatile.  It works with almost any and every outfit I wear.  It sucks though, that because my calves are slightly chubbier than most (they are my least fave part lol) I am unable to buy just any pair. I’ve never owned a pair that is heeled, but it certainly works to create some pop into an outfit.  One of my fave pairings is with tunics.  I know one celebrity that shares my love for these gladiator sandals is reality star Kourtney Kardashian who owns both a Chanel and Stuart Weitzman pairs.
Oh, and yes it is worthwhile being cautious of being out in the sun too long when wearing these, you can get a weird tan from it haha…though, i’m not usually out in the sun for too long, and when I am I can detach the calves part of my sandals into just regular sandals (another great feature of my sandals) so I don’t get that weird tan.
Gladiator Sandals, yay or nay in your fashion staples for summer?

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