Sunday Funday: repeat floral skirt for IMATS and Brunch!

Okay, guilty as charged, lol I used the same skirt for the next day for brunch with my cuz and a visit to International Makeup Artist Trade Show or more well known as IMATS!

This proves a point that I have anyways, so I figured it works!  I am a firm believer that a piece of clothing isn’t just for day or night, but can be worn either or depending on how you dress it up or down!

The weekend goes by fast if you’re enjoying yourself and time is the enemy;  this weekend was that case.  I had fun the night before at a birthday party for a dear friend, just alot of laughter and good times to be had and no hangover the next day! lol.

Top: Forever 21 Skirt: Zara Shoes: BEBE Bag: LV Cuff: Forever 21

Yes, I have grown to love this skirt–all of its floral goodness just screams summer to me.  I love that it has that fit and flare style that seems to elude me in a dress form. My cousin and i had been fortunate enough to have the backdrop of our gorgeous city for brunch.  Cactus club at the waterfront boats some of the most gorgeous views I have ever seen.  It is a sight to behold.

Anna with the backdrop of coal harbor.

After our super delish brunch at Cactus, we headed over to starbucks for some coffee (duh lol) at the Shaw Tower.  Any place that holds its own starbucks downstairs is an alright employer by me! lol. Before we had to occupy our hands with coffee, we thought we’d take a quick photo-op, we blended right in with tourists lol.

It was so beautiful outside, we almost forgot what we were there to do! lol.  Off to IMATS!

That’s the end of our lovely sunday afternoon…I hope your weekend was just as fun!

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