Throwback Thursday Outfit: Floral blazer


Thank you to those that have just recently liked my first throwback post, I appreciate the views! I thought I’d post another outfit that I loved!

On a lovely fridate in June (I think) bf and I went to have a casual dinner at Romers Burger at yaletown.  I thought it was a nice change of pace from the ever-more formal places we usually frequent for dinners.

After dinner, we went to the old Olympic Village complex to take in some sunshine and a few pics!

I love the paisley blue and black jacket–in fact, I’ve actually been obsessing abit, and you’ll understand more in my later posts lol.  What I wore:

Top: Aritizia | Blazer: BEBE | Shorts: Express (I think) | Shoes: BEBE

Sure hope your thursday is as chill as mine has been so far!

Happy throwback everyone!

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