Summer Whites: Crochet skirt

Pardon the bad quality pics, I’m not sure why the camera is acting up recently but I’m sure to get it fixed soon!

Today has been a busy morning filled with

problems, always on Wednesday

I think.  It’s been a good stretch of the last few weeks that we’ve been experiencing beautiful weather and so I decided to capitalize on that by weather my summer clothes to work!

When you spend majority of your time at work like I do, the line sometimes blur between work clothes and after-hours clothes.  If you love clothes like i do, it pays to be able to wear what you would to a barbeque to work as well.

Top:forever 21 | Skirt: BCBG | Shoes: Le Chateau
I love this skirt! it’s so comfortable, but the only thing is that it’s see-through with all the little holes lol.  I had an awfully hard time looking for slips for this! In the end, I found a Jones New York slip ($28, wow expensive) after going to a few lingerie stores and then at the Bay at Metro where i found it.
My work is pretty casual so it’s not mandatory to wear suits which I like.
What are your fave work outfits?

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