Wedding Inspirations: unique invites

Happy Monday!

There is nothing like a summer day to put cheer into an otherwise blah start of the week lol.

Since it’s still wedding season and I have yet to blog about anything wedding related, I thought I’d talk about it at least once or twice before the season finally ends!  I had been thinking of things I would like incorporated into what I’d want in my own wedding and it suddenly hit me, wedding seals! It’s so perfect and unique I was about to burst out of excitement! lol.  (No wedding date yet though haha or a proposal so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves).

my wedding inspired website (2013) a spanish laser-cut wedding invitation with a wax seal.

Isn’t it just the most awesome, unique idea you have seen? I don’t see these very often anymore, considering people nowadays want to do e-invites instead of the paper version.  I’ve always been old fashioned and loved the presentation of a paper invite that people can hold and admire.

Definitely a contender!

It’s easy enough to buy a stamp for the wax seal with maybe our nitials or just a fleur de lis on it.  It’s elegant and just adds that special touch if we decided to go with a more simple design and use the stamp as the ‘wow‘ factor!

hmm…note to self, must add this website to faves! lol.

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