Dream vacations…

My summer is winding down, and I’m not so sure I mind so much.  The heat has gotten me slightly cranky most days and the fact that my class is just stressing me out is giving summer a bad rep this year lol.  One thing I am so looking foward to is my trip to Chicago soon.  I am so excited to visit the birthplace of modern architecture and the place with the bestest deep dish pizza and hotdogs! lol (you can tell how much into food I am!). As I count down to my travel day, I often make a list of things that I must bring with me when I do travel…

As followers, readers and strangers that happen to pass by my blog, what are your must-haves for travel? (carry-on or check-in)

Please let me know! I would love to get some feedback before my trip! I will soon post my travel essentials and maybe even some other packing posts!

If you had your pick of one of these vacation spots all expense paid, which would it be?

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