Coach: bring retro back!

So two things, I have to say how much of a fan I am of the blog Extra Petite and her petite woman’s fashion journey in her quest for the perfect petite wardrobe.  Kudos! When I was younger I used to have that problem as well (now I have the unwanted extra weight problem due to eating haha).  There was one blog post that she had about the Vintage coach bag that peaked my interest into Coach once again. I’ve grown to love simple bags that can seamlessly fit and transition from Casual to semi-formal events, and this bag was one.

Granted I am no willing to go through consignment stores and maybe not even ebay as I find it hard to distinguish the replicas from the genuine, so I just browse the stores and online websites….then, eurika!

courtesy of purse forum bag showcase thread.

What a beaut eh? I have groaned and moaned in the past of the highly over-ratedness of this bag and swore never to buy another again from Coach….but this is making me seriously re-nig on that swear! haha.

Never say never i guess…


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