Vancouver Special.

I feel like It’s somewhat too soon to share a personal part of me with the blog, having only had two posts lol but since it’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, why not!?

I love Vancouver.  I mean LOVE it here.  Yes, we’ve been called boring by some critics that have nothing better to do, but we’ve also made the lists of some of the best surveys, like 10 best city beaches by National Geographic (thanks for that!) and have come in second in the best cities in the world in the past.  So what’s not to love!?

If you happen to be by my ‘hood and would like to check out the funkier (um, old much? lol) side of Vancouver, check out the Insider’s Guide to Vancouver, Canada  where die-hard Vancouverites show you their favorite spots!

Maybe I’ll post some of my fave spots to frequent as well!

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